Foresee Delays. Control Projects' Destiny.

Every construction manager dreads unexpected delays that disrupt the project’s flow. Traditional methods often fail to alert teams until it’s too late.

Introducing Buildots' Delay Forecast, our innovative new feature designed to redefine how projects predict and manage delays. By using predictive analytics, Delay Forecast empowers teams to foresee issues before they arise and adjust plans proactively.

Don’t miss our live demo of this transformative feature.

What to expect:

  • Why construction delays often go unnoticed until it's too late and what hinders early intervention.
  • A live tour of Delay Forecast, demonstrating how it works and how to use it to optimize mitigation plans.
  • Insights on how leading contractors use Delay Forecasting to cut delays by up to 50%, preventing weeks of delays and reducing the negative impact on a project's margin.

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