Many companies continue to opt for manual methods to collect data and manage their site. It's timely and prone to error. So what's holding companies back from adopting tech and saving hours of time from streamlined processes?

Hear from industry mavericks at two top construction companies already harnessing the power of automated progress tracking and reports. We were joined by Willie Shaw, Mace Group's Construction Director, and Glen Roberts, Wates Residential's Operations Director, to discuss challenges on-site, what made them move to automated tracking and the benefits their team experienced by using it.

Don't take it from us, hear it from them. 

Get the full recording to learn how:

  • Mace found out about 4,200 man-hours gap in a single project by automating progress tracking and reporting
  • Wates uses automated reports in their trades meetings and continues to choose Buildots for their projects year after year

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