How much time does it take you to gather the data you need to measure your project’s progress? Hours? Days? Maybe even weeks, if you have to wait for your next project update meeting with your subcontractors. 

And how often are you still – after all that effort – unsure whether you’re seeing a real, accurate, objective picture of your progress? 

Site teams need a better way to track their progress. They need something that gives them the real-time data they require to review timelines, spot bottlenecks, and settle disputes with trades.

Watch this webinar to see how Buildots’ new progress-tracking capabilities do just that.

We’ll show you  how automatic progress tracking can help you:

  • Get a better understanding of your project – including which jobs are completed, which are progressing, and which are stuck 
  • Identify any potential bottlenecks and ways to get around them 
  • Hold trades accountable by providing a single source of truth on project progress
  • Improve the efficiency of your trades
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