Multiplex Integrates Buildots To Adopt Performance-Driven Construction Management

Multiplex’s adoption of Buildots at One Leadenhall marked a strategic shift towards performance-driven construction management. The successful collaboration showcases the potential of what modern technology can provide for a project with regard to accountability, visibility, and productivity gains. 

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The Emergence of Performance-Driven Construction Management

Multiplex adopted Buildots’ AI-driven project management solution to achieve several strategic improvements in their on-site work processes.

  • Enhancing Trade Management With Advanced Forecasting: Multiplex pinpointed activities at risk of delay by measuring progress against original schedules, enabling early interventions and informed decision-making.

  • Detecting Unfinished Work and Enhancing Accountability: 
    Using Buildots, Multiplex resolved incompletions and discrepancies early, preventing costly reworks and ensuring errors are not repeated across several work areas.

  • Ad Hoc Design Control: BIM Managers used Buildots' up-to-date information for effective design control during overlapping construction and design phases.
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A leading global construction company with a rich history of delivering large-scale projects across various sectors, Multiplex has pioneered the construction industry by mandating BIM and digital design coordination. Knowing that large projects like One Leadenhall require diligent management and controls, Multiplex adopted Buildots to ensure subcontractor activities are accurately monitored and incomplete work as well as delays are minimised.

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